Another Beautiful Summer Excursion: Yosemite!

Another Beautiful Summer Excursion: Yosemite!

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Lucas and I just visited California’s Yosemite National Park in August.  We spent two days in the park and enjoyed the beautiful nature the park has to offer.

During the day, the weather was warm and  predictable for summer at 90 degrees or so. Our cozy little cabin at Curry Village was not equipped with air conditioning, but to our pleasant surprise it was not needed at night. The evening  temperature stayed at around 60 degrees. With the cabin windows open, we stayed comfortable and cool.

The cabin itself was very nice, giving us two beds and a private bathroom.

Our first evening inside the park, we watched the sunset on Half Dome, Yosemite’s famed mountain attraction. This was an absolutely breathtaking sight.

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Half Dome got its name for obvious reasons; it looks as though a giant knife came down from the sky and sliced it neatly in half.

It’s a pretty popular hike to the top of the Dome, one that requires hikers to use cables towards the end of the trek  in order to fully complete the journey and reach the summit.

After enjoying the sunset, we headed to The Ahwahnee Hotel for dinner. This hotel is more on the pricey side for accomodations, however the restaurant experience is much more affordable. The Dining Room itself is stunning!

We were unaware of this, but apparently reservations are required for dinner and most meals. This did not turn out to be a problem, as we were able to order our meal from the bar restaurant. It actually turned out to be a really cool experience, as this allowed us to sit out on the patio and enjoy the music being played outside by the Hotel’s pianist.

Bright and early the next morning at 6am, Lucas and I headed out on a sunrise bike ride through the park. Lots of fun! The weather was perfect. It was a great way to hang out, just the two of us, and really enjoy the scenery.

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We followed our bike excursion with breakfast at the Curry Village buffet.

Following breakfast, it was time to say goodbye to Yosemite and start the three-hour drive from our location at Yosemite Valley to the east exit of the Park.

When we finally were back on the road, it was off to Vegas!

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