Mt. Shasta

Mt. Shasta

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My mom and I, enjoying the scenery.

This was an awesome little day trip that Lucas and I took with my parents this summer. We left from Redding, California (where it was HOT, about 100 degrees), and had an easy one-hour drive to Mount Shasta. Along the way, we ate at a fantastic restaurant that serves a variety of foods, but specializes in Mexican food. After never being able to successfully locate white cheese queso dip on the west coast, I was shocked and delighted to find some here at this eatery that was worthy! Delicious!

After our meal, we took a stroll through the pretty little town of Mt. Shasta. There’s a great coffee shop/bookstore combo, and a tea store with a fantastic selection that I would highly recommend if you’re in the area. Eventually, after strolling through the town, we began our drive up the mountain to play in the snow.  However, we did have to stop at a certain point because the road was closed off due to heavy snowfall up on the peaks.

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Lucas and my father had witnessed “Stone Sculptures” being designed and formed very recently in Sausalito (near San Francisco). Needless to say, they were quite taken with the entire concept and tried it out for themselves and made some impressive creations.

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Stone artwork, created by Lucas and my Dad.

There is a beautiful lake near the on the way to the mountain (Lake Shasta), where you can rent all sorts of fun water toys like Wave Runners, Pontoon boats, and Kayaks. Lucas and I plan on heading back to have fun on the water.

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To see the rest of the pics from our trip to Mt. Shasta, click on the link below and visit our flickr page where you will find the entire album.  Mt. Shasta Album

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