A Jewel In Our Midst.. Trigo Deli

trigo deli1 A Jewel In Our Midst.. Trigo Deli

Trigo Deli:119 Harrison Avenue

Lucas and I love to travel! One of our favorite things about exploring a new place is finding great food! We have become pretty hardcore foodies over the years and have a list of places that will bring us back to cities again and again.

We are proud to have a jewel from Panama City on our list of favorites! Trigo Deli, downtown on Harrison Avenue! Trigo is a San Franciscan style deli. It is one of the few places in Panama City that cater to “health conscious” people. From their spinach and tabouli salads to their fresh made soups, sandwiches, hummus and pastries, Trigo Deli will make you feel like the Golden Gate Bridge is right down the street!