Bike Ride in Chicago

Our journey through Chicago started in the am on Wednesday June, 9th. We left our hotel and rode the sidewalk 15 blocks through pedestrians trying to get to work. I wouldn’t recommend this for exercise as your moving at 2 mph while trying not to run over the person in front of you (which I almost did a few times)…  Nonetheless, it was an experience worth remembering.
When we made it to Millennium Park we were stopped by a cop who told us we couldn’t ride “in the park” but we could ride “around it”. So we walked our bikes through the park, to the music we were hearing… blues. They have a huge stage with the best speaker system I’ve ever seen hanging over an area of the park. We listened for a while and then walked our bikes to the Park Grill Chicago for lunch.
After an awesome lunch we found the bike path around the park and followed it to the water. I must say, I was amazed by the beauty of Lake Michigan. I wasn’t expecting the endless blue-green water, or the sailboats.  Simply breathtaking.

Posted by Lucas and Shannon